Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Next Event! May 16th 2015, Sheffield

A huge thank you to all who came along yesterday! Photo Shoots are now available - Click to the Photo Shoot Page

For the first time in the UK! 
We are very pleased to announce our next guest:

NASA Apollo Flight Controller 
Chuck Deiterich!  

With his presentation;

A Tour of the U.S Lunar Program and Beyond

Charles 'Chuck' Deiterich is a retired NASA ‘RETRO’ flight controller and worked on some of the most memorable and historic missions in space exploration,  including all the Lunar landings, Apollo 13, Skylab and the Space Shuttle.
Chuck will be discussing his career at NASA, share his memories from the incredible golden age of spaceflight and chart the unbelievable history of U.S space exploration.
There will also be an opportunity to meet Chuck during an autograph signing.  All attendees will be entitled to one free autograph on any item (One autograph per lecture ticket, extras available)

For the signing and available to pre-order now, a fantastic book by the whole Apollo Flight Dynamics Team, including Chuck Deiterich - ‘From the Trench of Mission Control to the Craters of the Moon’.  Also available will be limited edition Something Astronomical 8x10s.

After the lecture, a limited number of tickets are available for what promises to be a truly great evening! An extended Q&A with Mr Deiterich and a ROOFTOP BBQ!  This will be a relaxed and quiet environment to eat and chat with Chuck as he answers your questions.  More details are available in the tickets section.  

Keep checking back for more updates

This is an incredibly rare chance to meet a true space pioneer.  
Don’t miss it!

Also attending!
W. David Woods
Author of the fantastic
How Apollo Flew to the Moon

David will be with us all day with a selection of his books. He has kindly agreed to sign any of his books that you bring along. We are very fortunate to have David joining us, don't miss it!

May 16th 2015 - Doors open 1.30pm
Sheffield Hallam University, Adsetts Theatre, Adsetts Building, Sheffield Hallam University, S1 1XZ

Rooftop BBQ and Extended Q&A from 6pm
Curzon Cinema, Sheffield, S1 2PF

Chuck Deiterich in Mission Control during Apollo 11 landing, July 20th 1969