About Something Astronomical

Something Astronomical is a space themed lecture event dedicated to educating as many people as possible for as little as possible about all things space!

My name is Nigel McEnaney and I have been running Something Astronomical for the last three years.  I started the event simply because I wanted to learn more about Astronomy, Cosmology and Space exploration.  It seemed to be a good way to learn more about the subjects I was interested in.  I was not alone in my interest and it has since grown to a very successful event and I am pleased to say our guests have included NASA astronauts, filmmakers, physicists, astronomers and authors. Check out our gallery of previous

I believe that space can inspire people in ways no other subject can.  It is possibly the last frontier of exploration and although somewhat 'out of sight, out of mind', it is very big part of everyone's daily life.  Human space exploration and utilization is vital in modern times and despite the current economic situation, is a growing industry.  I hope Something Astronomical can do it's small part to develop a wider public understanding of the uses and benefits of Space exploration.  

Something Astronomical is not for profit and most of our events are completely free, we hope to organise one big ticketed event a year that would help fund free events for the rest of the year.  This won't be easy and we will always need support from people like you.

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I hope you can attend our next event and that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Nigel K McEnaney

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