One of our main aims is educate as many people as possible, young and old.  As part of this we can provide a presentation tailored to your needs.  
The topics change periodically and can be designed around your audiences age or requirements.  Depending on audience, we can provide props, displays and workshops

Our current presentations are;

Apollo Moon landings.  

We will look at the hows, whos and whys of the Apollo program, delving in to the long and unusual journey from the first spacemen to the first steps.  

Presentations available;
Ages 5+ - The story of the real Moon men
Ages 12+ - One small step
Ages 17+ - Apollo and human exploration of the Moon

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Looking in to the eventful and often terrifying history of Spacewalking from the early days of the sixties up to the International space station. 

Suitable for all ages

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